Medium And High Voltage Systems

Medium and high voltage systems are designed for long maintenance intervals. The first overhaul usually takes 25 years or more. By that time, tens of thousands of pairing cycles may have occurred. The innovative connection solution is also suitable for cost sensitive static applications without plug-in cycles, as well as dynamic applications with a large number of plug-in and sliding cycles.

Switchgear consists of electrical equipment, which are used to control, measure, protect and regulate network load in the process of power generation, transmission and distribution. Metal encapsulated switchgear is particularly widely used in distribution networks because of its high reliability and easy installation. The main components of the switchgear include circuit breaker, disconnector, load switch, driving mechanism, bus and protection equipment, which are usually distributed in four independent compartments (bus room, circuit breaker room, cable room and control room). In order to ensure the necessary electrical connection of each power conduction and power switch assembly, reliable connectors are required.

If the switchgear operates for a long time, the static and dynamic contacts will wear, thus steadily increasing their contact resistance. This in turn means a higher temperature and a further increase in contact resistance until the contact finally fails completely. Since the switchgear is a closed unit, it can be particularly dangerous because it is usually not found in time. This means that the contacts will burn out, resulting in short circuit, network power failure and risk to the system operator.

Stauber’s new technology solves these problems by establishing parallel contact points between two contact surfaces. Each contact ridge is specially designed for high-level power and forms an independent and elastic “conductive bridge”, which greatly reduces the contact resistance. The contact resistance can be accurately calculated according to the contact power, geometry and elastic properties of each ridge, as well as the strength and properties of the surface material used. At the same time, the contact power between the contact surfaces remains constant and the rate remains stable, so as to ensure that the contact resistance is always at a low level throughout the contact life.

Post time: Jul-31-2021