SF6 load switch

The SF6 load switch is a three-position load switch with SF6 gas insulation. It has three working positions: closing, opening and grounding. The inside of the gas chamber uses SF6 gas as the insulation and arc extinguishing medium. As the core component of medium voltage switchgear, it is widely used in the field of medium voltage secondary power distribution. The SF6 load switch bears the overload current (the overload current is still within the range of the load switch’s rated breaking current for the SF6 load switch) and the closing and breaking of the normal operating current, and it is also required to undertake the switching of “transfer current” Off. The short-circuit protection and overload protection of the high-voltage side of the transformer are borne by the high-voltage current-limiting fuse. At this time, a set of SF6 load switches and three fuses with triggers, as long as any one of the triggers is activated, its linkage mechanism will automatically open the load switches at the same time. The organic combination of the two can meet the requirements of various normal and fault operation protection of the power distribution system.

Post time: Oct-30-2021