Vacuum circuit breaker

Eaton’s HMH series of metal-enclosed modular switchgears are medium-voltage components used in secondary power distribution systems, compact pavilion-type substations and industrial facilities. They are designed for indoor/outdoor use. All functional units can be easily installed side by side. The switchgear is assembled in the factory and undergoes all routine type approval tests. The equipment can be debugged quickly and safely.
The HMH series of medium voltage switchgear is designed for secondary distribution systems up to 36 KV, compact pavilion substations, industrial facilities and indoor spaces. All functional units can be easily installed side by side. The metal-enclosed switchgear is produced in the factory and has undergone all routine and type tests. It can be put into use in a short time-practical and safe. In addition, the HMH series of modular switchgears can be quickly and safely used in pavilion-type substations due to their compactness and smallest size.
(3) Low-voltage room: wiring terminals, low-voltage fuses, thermostats, measuring instruments and protection relays are all in this room. When the switchgear (busbar and cable) is energized, it can be operated through the low-voltage panel.
Eaton’s HMH series of RMUs are air-insulated medium voltage switchgear, which can provide voltages from 12 KV to 36 KV. According to the IEC standard, it is a carefully designed, factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear, up to 36 KV, 1250 A, 25 KA. Taking into account the function, appearance and safety features, it has a modular structure. The HMH series realizes safe operation through mechanical and electrical interlocking. It also has a long life cycle and low power consumption. It is suitable for electric or manually operated spring-loaded mechanisms.
Compared with other available solutions on the market, Eaton’s HMH switchgear can save 50% of the floor space.
• Approved for use in special environments, including maritime, seismic and nuclear; type testing in accordance with IEC standards
“Suppose you want to provide comprehensive protection against electrical hazards. In this case, you should choose the right product to provide protection from basic to advanced safety. Eaton’s HMH switchgear ensures the continuity of the system with maximum safety and protection. sex.”

Post time: Oct-04-2021