What We Do?

Recently, affected by the typhoon in coastal areas, a rare rainstorm suddenly struck Henan, and many disasters appeared. The severe flood control situation affects the hearts of Chinese people.

On July 23, we received an urgent order from our partners, and a batch of power equipment rushed to the disaster stricken areas in Henan. The key parts inside need to be supplied from timetric company. A disaster is a police situation. We made a decisive decision, opened up a green supply channel, urgently allocated relevant products and materials, and provided special vehicles to the affected areas, fully supported the emergency repair of power equipment in the disaster area, and resolutely helped win the battle of flood control and disaster relief.

On July 24, timetric staff sorted out the products and prepared the donated materials through a specially assigned car. Risking the danger of typhoon, they rushed to Henan day and night to safely transport the products to customers.

Post time: Jul-31-2021