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ZW32-24 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafer referred to as) is suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 24KV outdoor switchgear. It can be used in various load current and frequent operation occasions. It can be applied in the construction and renovation of power equipment in dfferent places such as urban and rural network, mines, railways and so on.

The product has been successfully developed 24 KV outdoor high voltage switchgear suitable for China’s national conditions developed on the basis of foreign advanced technology and domestic raw materials and processes. Compared with international similar products,it is a kind of intelligent product with miniaturization and maintenance-free.At the same time, the product is environmentally friendly without pollution to the surrounding environment.

The circuit breaker complies with GB1984-2003 “High Voltage AC Circuit Breaker”,DL/T402-2007″High Voltage AC Circuit Breaker Ordering Technical Conditions”, DL/T403-2000″12KV~40.5KV High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Ordering Technical Conditions” and other technical standards.

Model Meaning








Vacuum Circuit Breaker


Design number

Rated voltage (KV)

Spring operating mechanism

Rated current (A)

Rated short circuit breaking current(KA)

Working Condition

●Ambient temperature:-40℃~+40℃.
●Relative humidity: Day average relative humidity≤95%, Month average relative humidity≤90%.
●Altitude: ≤3000mm.
●Wind pressure:Not more than 700Pa(Equivalent to wind speed34m/s)
●Pollution level: Ⅳ(creepage distance≥31mm/KV).
●Icing thickness: ≤10mm.
●Installation site: Should be no fire,explosion hazard,serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration,etc

Technical specification

No. Ltem Unit Data
1 Rated vdtage KV 24
2 Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rated current A 630 1250
4 Rated short circuit breaking current KA 20  25
5 Rated peak withstand current (peak) KA 50  63
6 Rated short circuit closing current (peak) KA 50  63
7 Rated short-time withstand current / duration KA/s 20/4  25/4
8 Rated operating sequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
9 Mechanical life Times 10000
10 Rated short-circuit breaking current breaking time limes 20
11 I minpower frequency withstand voltage (wet)phase to phase, to earth/Between open contacts 50/65
(dry)phase to phase, to earth/Between open contacts KV 65/79
Secondary circuit 2
12 Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak)phase to phase、to earth /between open contacts KA 175/145
13 Weight kg 115

Outline overall and installing dimensions

 ZW32-24 Outdoor High Voltage Vacum Circuit Breaker

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