550mm width electric chassis vehicle

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1.This device can be used in a withdrawable switchgear to install a circuit breaker or a transformer to connect it with the bus.
2.The circuit breaker can be closed only when the handcart is in testing or working position. After that the handcart is locked to its position to avoid mishandling.
3.When the handcart is in working position or move 10mm away from the testing position, the earthing switch can’t be closed.
4.When earthing switch is closed, the handcart must not be moved from testing position to working position.
5. When the handcart is inside the switchgear, it can’t be pulled out if it is not in testing position.

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The electric chassis vehicle adds electric operation functions to the original manual operation chassis vehicle, and provides the necessary hardware foundation for realizing the requirements of intelligent, programmed, and remote control of the switch cabinet. The mechanism adopts a professionally designed miniature permanent magnet DC motor to make full use of the excess space of the original chassis. After installation, it will not change the height of the original manual operation chassis, and the overall installation dimensions.

550mm width electric chassis vehicle 5

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