DPC-4-800 motorized chassis truck

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Timetric

Model Number: DPC-4-800

Type: High Voltage

Poles Number: 3

Rated Voltage: Other

material: Steel with zinc plating

usage: vacuum circuit breaker

operation type: motorized type

Product Detail

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DPC-4-800 motorized chassis truck

1. Material: Iron with surface zincing

2. Certificate: ISO9001: 2000

3. motorized operation, the motor adopts gear transmission with good stability.

DDPC-4-800 motorized chassis truck 01

General description

   Chassis truck is mainly used to hold circuit breaker, transformer and other components in the withdrawable switchgear as auxiliary operation of components with busbar, when operation with busbar. When operation with internal mechanism of circuit breaker and other interlock mechanism of mid-placed cabinet, it can satisfy the interlock requirement of “5 preventions” stipulated in GB3906.

This interlocking device is mainly used for interlocking to prevent two handcarts from entering the working position at the same time. The main interlocking function is: two chassis vehicles are controlled by one key. When any one of the chassis vehicles is in the working position, the key cannot be removed, the other chassis vehicle does not have the key to unlock, the handle cannot be inserted, and the chassis vehicle cannot Shake to prevent it from entering the working position.

Product Description

Chasis truck mainly used for switch equipment to install circuit breaker, transformer and other components, push and exit it ,play a supplementary role in connecting the components with the busbar.

When chasis truck works with the internal mechanism of circuit breaker and other switchgear interlocking mechanism ,can meet the interlock requirement of GB3906-five prevention.

1.In closing state, when handcart in working or isolated position, and with handle operating, the handcart won’t move, so that to prevent to pull handcart on- load.

2 .When handcart in working position, EK6 earthing switch can’t close, to avoid closing earthing switch.

3 .When handcart back to isolated state, after EK6 closing, the handcart can’t be moved to working position to prevent closing with earthing wire.

4.Once handcart is away from isolated position, when push the handcart with handle to working position, during the way, can’t carry on closing operation.While after reached to working position, closing operation can be made.

5.After handcart getting into cabinet, as long as handcart is not in isolated position, it can’t draw out from the cabinet.

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