CD-46 Secondary Plug Socket For Vacuum circuit breaker

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Timetric

Model Number: CD-46

Type: VCB accessories

Rated voltage: AC380V

Rated current: 16A

Mechanical Life: 2000 Times

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Model No: CD-46 

The contact pair for this control socket is the pin,socket type structure, the number of contact pair are 24 pairs,32 pairs,46 pairs ,64 pair or can choose the number of contact pair freely.Wiring Method: Open plug locking device, plug and socket separate, put the wire into wiring hole of pins or jacks with a special clamp clamped firmly, put the pin and jack into the corresponding plastic fixed hole,when heard popping sound means that is in place. Plug wire harness from the leads (trumpet) accompanied by special plastic hose M36 × 8 (lined with plastic shoe metal spring) .The other side fixed to the device with special part. Socket harness leads from the bottom fixed to the equipment.

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CD-46 Secondary Plug Socket for Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Secondary plug socket is in the digestion and absorption of AAB products based on the techniques of product developed successfully , and reach the level of ABB products all the international product GZS ,(matchVS1 VD1) etc KYN28-12 Setting up the switchgear secondary line connection. Its performance conforms to the exchange metal-enclosed switchgear and this product technical  requirement.

Parameters of CD-46 control socket 

Rated Voltage Rated Current Mechanical endurance
AC 380V AC 16A 2000 times
DC 220V DC 10A

CD-46 secondary plug socket for vacuum circuit breaker

Switchgear accessories 46 pins secondary plug socket control socket for high voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

drawing CD-46 secondary plug socket for vacuum circuit breaker

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