VCB non-resettable 5 Digits Mechanical Pull Stroke operations Revolution counter

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Timetric

Type: non-resettable

Poles Number: 3

number: 5 digits

Shaft Extension: Right-hand or Left-Hand

Counts Range: 00000 to 99999

usage: vacuum circuit breaker

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VCB non-resettable operations counter

This counter is widely used to accumulative record the working times of some record machines or mechanical apparatus. The count result is showed directly. It has long life, reliable result, can adapt to different environment, and mainly applies in spin, machinery, mine and other.

digits mechanical counter for circuit breaker

Hand position: right or left, for your choice, clockwise or anti-clockwise

With or without spring, for your choice

Color: Black or customers requirement

1.This counter is widely used to accumulative record the working times of some record machines or mechanical apparatus.

2.The count result is showed directly.

3.It has long life, reliable result, can adapt to different environment, and mainly applies in spin, machinery, mine and other.

Digits: mainly five digits


 Product Name  Five digits counter
 Counts Range  00000 to 99999
 Material  Plastic
 Color  black
 Weight  50g
 Package Content  1pc/box
 Shaft Extension  Right-hand or Left-Hand
 Reset  No reset
 Speed  500 counts/minute
 Rotation  clockwise or anti-clockwise

digits mechanical counter for circuit breaker

This digits mechanical counter is widely used to accumulative record the working times of some record machines or mechanical apparatus.The count result is showed directly.

Digits Mechanical Counter for circuit breaker LYC180

drawing digits mechanical counter for circuit breaker

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