12kv Spout Contact Box KYN28 cabinet

Short Description:

Product Name: Contact Box

Model:  CH3-10Q/150  630-1250A

Brand: Timetric

Material: Epoxy Resin

Color: Red

Rated Voltage: 10KV

Current: 1600A-2000A

Application:  New energy,electrical industrial,KYN28,KYN1…

Certification: CE

Operating Temperature: -30ºC~120ºC

Place of Origin: China

Package: Standard exporting packing

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12kv spout contact box KYN28 cabinet


1. The product adopts epoxy resin material

2. It gains high level of insulation, intensity and stability.

3. It provides different specifications based on the size of electric current for the user’s choice

4. The contact box is formed by epoxy with APG Technology

It mainly used in 12kV or 10 kV High Voltage switchgear and take the role of insulation function for the VCB contact.

Rated insulating level: 1 Min power frequence withstand 42kV, Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 75kV

Applicable Work Environment:

1. Indoor installation.

2. Altitude: ≤1000m.

3. Ambient temperature: +40°C~5°C.

4. The relative humidity shall not be more than 85%at+20°C ambient temperature.

5. NO gas, vapor or dust that may severely affect the insulation of contact box, no explosive or corrosive substance


Model No: 12kv Spout Contact Box KYN28 cabinet
Brand: Timetric
Type: Contact Box
Application: High Voltage / Switchgear
Color: brown, red
Rated current: 630A-1250A
Rated voltage: 12 KV
MOQ: 50pcs
Packing: 1. Each one is wrapped with plastic film2. Packed in cartons or wooden box3.The cases are bound with iron belts externally
Loading port: Shanghai  Port / Ningbo  Port
Payment terms: L/C,T/T, Western Union
Delivery time: within 15 days, depends on order quantity

1. OEM are welcome

2. High quality & timely delivery

3. Reasonable price

4. In a variety of designs and Specification

12kv spout contact box KYN28 cabinet

About us:

We are specialty on epoxy resin medium voltage and HVcomponents, such as 12KV, 24 KV, 36KV and 40.5KV switchgear TG3 wall bushing, contactor box, insulators, transducers. 630A, 1250A, 2500A, 3150A and 4000A contactor box, club contact, fix contact, arm contact and jaw contact. 630A and 1250A VS1 circuit breaker. 630A and 1250A ZN85-40.5 circuit breaker. 12KV and 24KV earth switch. KYN28A-12 and KYN61 high voltage switchgear components!

We will give you best quality and price!


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