VSG/C-24KV-200/280 Indoor High Voltage Side Mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:  Timetric

Model Number: VSG

Type: High Voltage

Poles Number: 3

Product Name: Vacuum circuit breaker

Model: VSG200

Rated voltage: 12/24KV

Rated current: 630/1250A

poles: 3

Width: 200mm

color: Red

Standard: High Voltage

Quality: High quality

Product Detail

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VSG/C-24KV indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker for switchgear 24kV

Indoor switchgear type VSG vacuum circuit breaker is applicable to 24kv power system, as a protection and control unit of power equipment, industrial and mining enterprises, it can be used for switching loads of various kinds and frequent operation, repeatedly breaking short-circuit current situation. The product adopts new type of circuit breaker, a VSG part can adopt the international brand of embedded pole, the vacuum interrupter and the main circuit part is fixedly sealed into a whole, protect the interrupter from collision, dust and gel image, strong ability to adapt to the environment, greatly reduces the cost of operation and maintenance. The real implementation of the product part of a maintenance free, low maintenance operation mechanism; operating mechanism and circuit breaker body design, after type test, E2 level, M2 level of mechanical electrical life.

Main technical data

serial Item Unit Data
* Type / 口Insulating cylinder口Epoxy resin embedded poles口Nylon embedded poles 口Upper outlet口Side outlet
1 Rated voltage KV 24
2 Rated short time power frequency withstand voltage(a min) 65
3 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) 125
4 Rated frequency Hz 50
5 Rated current A  6301250 630   1250
6 Rated short-circuit breaking circuit kA 25 31.5
7 Rated short time withstand current 25 31.5
8 Rated short-circuit duration s 4
9 Rated peak withstand voltage kA 63 80
10 Rated short-circuit closing current 63 80
11 Power frequency withstand voltage of secondary circuit(1 min) V 2000
12 Rated single / back-to-back capacitor bank breaking current A 630/400
13 Switching time ms 20-50
14 Closing time 35-70
15 Mechanical life time M2 level10000(630-125-/25-31.5)
16 Electrical life E2 level
17 Moving and fixed contacts allow wear accumulation thickness mm 3
18 Rated closing operating voltage V AC110、AC220DC110、DC220
19 Rated breaking operating voltage
20 Rated voltage of energy storage motor
21 Rated power of energy storage motor w 90
22 Storage time s ≤15
23 Contact distance mm 13±1
24 Over stroke 3±1
25 Contact closing bounce time ms ≤2
26 Different phases of three-phase switching ≤2
27 Average breaking speed M/s Contact opening 6mm 0.9~1.7 0.9~1.7
28 Average closing speed Contact closing 6 mm 0.6~1.0 0.6~1.0
29 Switching rebound amplitude mm ≤3
30 Dominant loop resistance μΩ ≤45(630)≤35(1250A)
31 Contact closing pressure N 3100~3700
32 Rated order of operation O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO

VSG-C-24 indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker for switchgear 24kV 

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Indoor High Voltage Side Mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker


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