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24kv insulator contact box for electrical equipment details listed as belows:

Material: Epoxy Resin
Rated Current: 3150-4000A
Rated Voltage: 24KV
Max Voltage: 24KV
Technology: APG technology
Application: Used for insulation, isolation & connection transition in various kinds of handcart switchgear
Operation Condition

1. Altitude: ≤ 1000m;
2. Ambient temperature: +40~-10º C;
3. The relative humidity shall not be more than 95% at+20 º C ambient temperature;
4. NO gas, wapor or dust that may severely affect the insulation of contact box, no explosive or corrosive substance.

Technical Date &Requirement

1. The coper contact to earth shall withstand power frequency test voltage(effective value )of 42kv for 5 minutes and lightning impulse vpltage (peak value)of 75KV;
2. The temperature of lead-out terminal shall not bemore than 65º C if the contact box is used for long time in rated current condition;

(Detailed picture listed as belows)

24kv insulator contact box for electrical equipment

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