Indoor High voltage DXN Live display indicator

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Timetric

Model Number: DXN-T4

application: switchgear

voltage indicator: DC2.5

life time: more than 50000

hole size: 54x32MM

Product Detail

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Indoor High voltage Switchgear Charged Display  details listed as belows:

1. Model No.: T-TYPE
2. Standard: GB 1985-2004 AC HV disconnect switch and earthing switch, IEC129
3. Application: KYN61-40.5 HV switchgear and various types HV switchgear
4. Main function: Used for earthing switch indication

DXN display with interlock

DXN display with interlock


Model number

High Vollage Indication Luminous Parts

Working voltage of  interlock (V)

Voltage between phases when the phases match between lest point (V)

Voltage between phases when the phases do not match between test point(V)


Working voltage  (V)

Service life (H)



Ultra-high brightness luminous tube

< DC2.5

> 50000

AC 220 DC 220 DC 110


< AC30

> AC60







DXN display with side outgoing ling

DXN display with side outgoing ling

This product is used to provide a switchgear equipment circuit voltage information at the installation status to the operator. As a result of its internal circuitry of low-power light-emitting element, which makes low power consumption, more stable performance and higher reliability. For the user test double-loop phase conveniently, indicator(recommend type) panel setting the end of the test phase, meanwhile the frame of indicator (recommend type) shell adopts front end removable. And the user can change the indicator without opening the indicator shell.

Widely used for indooe 7.2,12,24,40.5kV, frequency of 50Hz high voltage electrical equipment, and supporting the use of the voltage sensor, it can reflect the high voltage live situation, and voltage sensor support, but also to improve the anti-error performance ancillary products.

Executive standard

GB25081-2010 HV live display device(VPIS)

DL/T533-93 condensation and pollution test condition for indoor AC HV switchgear and components

IEC61958:2000 HV prefabricated switchgear assembly and control assembly-live displaying device

Applying environment conditions

Environment temperature: upper limit value not more than +40℃,lower limit value not lower than -25℃, special area not lower than -35℃.

Sea level: no more than 1000m.

Atmospheric conditions: RH daily average value not more than 95%, month average value not more than 90%, steam pressure daily average value not more than 2.2kPa, month average value not more than 1.8kPa.

Environment condition: no obvious filth, no flammable, no explosive chemical etcing and salt fog place.

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