F10-8 Electric Pilot Switch For VCB

Short Description:


Rated voltage: AC 220V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated current: 15A

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Model Number: F10-8

Max. Voltage: 220V

Max. Current: 6A

Material: plastic

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F10-8 for VCB electric pilot switch F10 auxiliary switch

F10 /W2 series pilot switch introduce of German Siemens technology research and development of domestic products.It is suitable for controlling the closing, opening, interlocking and the second circuit of the signal circuit of various high voltage switch operating mechanisms.It is widely used in VS1(ZN63)/ZN12/3AF/ZN65/CT19 and other vacuum circuit breakers and spring operating mechanisms.

This performance conforms to GB3906-91《AC metal closed switchgear》 and the requirement of this product Q/XK005-1999《technical condition》.

Main application:

This series applies to the HV operating mechanisms switching on, switching off, interlock, and controlling  of signal circuit. It also applies to HV switchgears, and can be used as transfer switch or cubicle switch.

Working Conditions: 

1. Ambient temperature: not higher than +40 °C, not less than -40°C

2. Altitude: not exceed 2000m.

3. Relative humidity: daily average of not more than 95%, month average of not more than 90%. Saturated vapor pressure daily average of not more than 2.2 × 103MPa, month average not more than 1.8 × 103MPa.

4.The acceleration is not greater than 15m/ square seconds; 5.The air is not significantly affected by dust, smoke, corrosive and flammable gas, steam or salt fog contamination.


1 According to different requirements, the turning angle of series F10 could be 60°~90°~120°.

2 Series F10 is divided into straight type and horizontal type according to the assembling method. It’s divided into horizontal structure and straight delay contact according to the way of construction.


1.Each one is wrapped with plastic film.

2.Packed in cartons.

3.Cartons are sealed in a wooden box.

4.The cases are bound with iron belts externally.


F10-8 Electric Pilot Switch For VCB  F10-8 for VCB electric pilot switch F10 auxiliary switch 001

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